Welcome To 12 Weeks To Sleek

12 Weeks to Sleek is a scientifically designed, tried-and-tested weight loss plan that will have you looking your best ever, forever – in just 12 weeks. You won’t have to worry about any unwanted bulges – or yo-yo weight loss – again.
How does it work? You get a daily format with workout videos, meal plans and, recipes for that day or, if you like to plan ahead, you can choose a weekly format instead. When you’re done with that day, you simply mark it ‘complete’ and move on to the next (sense of satisfaction? Huge tick!). 

Track your progress on the My Plan page and update your stats so you stay motivated (it’s so inspiring to see the weight drop off). You can also download the workouts you love as well as your meal plans, recipes and shopping lists: we know you won’t want to stop when the 12 weeks are over!

The workouts use minimal equipment, so you can train at home or at the gym, and you can customise the meals to suit your budget and keep you satisfied and happy.