How it Works

The programme consists of a kilojoule-controlled eating plan and a fat-burning exercise plan,
which work together to get amazing results. Fast.

The Workouts

The programme is divided into three phases, each consisting of two two-week programmes.

In phase one (weeks one to four), you’ll focus on improving your overall mobility and getting a feel for what the programme will be like – a toning and conditioning workout that combines compound cardio and resistance training to get major results, fast. You’ll do the same routine in weeks one and three, and a second routine in weeks two and four to make sure your whole body gets in on the action.

Phase two (weeks five to eight) will take what you’ve mastered already and up the intensity so you can expect to start seeing serious results by the time you’re halfway through the programme.

In phase three (weeks nine to 12) it’s time to torch fat! Expect much more cardio in your workouts and compound movements to build that sexy, lean, functional muscle.

The Nutrition plan

Each meal (breakfast, lunch, supper, snacks) has been created with a specific number of kilojoules in mind, based on the quantities of macronutrients – protein, carbs, fat. A serving of, say, protein can take different forms (e.g. 30g of meat or chicken is one protein serving, but so is one egg or three tablespoons of hummus). This means you have options: for example, if your lunch on Tuesday is salad with half a can of tuna (one unit of protein), but you have leftover chicken from last night, you can simply swap the tuna for 30g chicken instead. This means you don’t waste food, meal prep is easier and the plan becomes more affordable.

You can also use these portions as a guide when you’re eating out. And if you prefer being told exactly what to eat, simply follow the plan as is. It’s designed as a four-week cycle that repeats, so when you get to week five, simply start again from week one. This way you can save money by buying non-perishable items in bulk.

RECIPES: One some days, the recipes are not related to the meals for the day. In this instance, the recipes are suggestions to indicate how creative you can get with your meal plan. This way you can easily tailor your meal to your own dietary requirements, tastes, food allergies or budget.

Why does it work?

The eating plan works with macros and kilojoule counts so you can still eat all your favourite food, just in smaller amounts. Meanwhile, the workouts use compound, functional movements to burn fat while sculpting sexy, lean muscle tone.

While results will vary depending on how much you have to lose, the plan is designed for an average woman to lose around one kilo per week – that’s a healthy, realistic weight loss that you’ll be able to sustain.





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